The 5-Second Trick For Roofers in Huntsville TX

We plan to convert to an improperly vented cathedral ceiling to an unvented a person. Sealing up the soffit vents is actually a no-brainer. What's The obvious way to deal with the ridge vent? Many thanks!

The perimeters on the roof are covered with asphalt shingled (GAF Slateline to become correct). It seems like I need to pull down the fiberglass and have it spray-foamed before I drywall.

I had been skeptical of Invoice Hulstrunk's claim that AccuVent baffles could stand up to getting dense-packed within an enclosed cavity.

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Any property currently being constructed much better than the absolute minimums ought to in the really the very least not use OSB for roof sheathing. Imo

two. Install sturdy web site-constructed air flow baffles in Every single rafter bay before you spray the foam. Like that you end up with a vented cathedral ceiling.

one. Take away the can lights and toss them absent. Recessed can lights should really in no way be set up within an insulated cathedral ceiling.

You'll want to consult an electrician about The simplest way to serve your ceiling electrical boxes. There are several feasible options -- some seen from the inside, plus some hidden by the new foam.

But In the event the installer is conscientious, as well as the rafter bays seriously are dense-packed, my guess is the fact that every thing will likely be wonderful.

"Each property is unique. The factors which will have saved the roof sheathing of the house you explain could contain:

The longer which you wait to put in rigid foam earlier mentioned your roof sheathing immediately after your rafter bays are full of fluffy insulation, the higher the danger that the roof sheathing will accumulate moisture. 1 or 2 a long time need to be no difficulty, but I wouldn't stretch the work out A great deal farther than that.

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I've a partial cathedral ceiling within the completed attic of my house in zone four (TN). Each and every slope on the roof is divided approximately in thirds by 3 various scenarios: knee walls on the outer thirds, "cathedral" ceiling in the middle thirds, plus a vented "attic" in the middle 3rd that has a ridge vent - a typical problem with completed attics, at the least close to here. I've a large challenge in the summertime with overheating. The insulation is just not Doing the job perfectly because it was poorly insulated with just R-19 fiberglass batts among the rafters without a ventilation baffle or suitable soffit venting and only r-19 blown in the "attic Room". Furthermore, my upstairs HVAC ducts are operate while in the definitely warm "attic" House beneath the ridge. According to what i haved acquired from many posts here, my prepared solution is usually to cathedralize the entire roof, eave to ridge: install continous air-restricted web page-developed two" vent channels utilizing foil-confronted polyiso board (as recommended in ), setting up constant soffit vents to drastically Enhance the airflow click here to find out more from soffit to ridge, creating an air-limited ceiling underneath the rafters, and, most importantly, carry the ductwork In the conditioned envelope.

Like Doug's design and style, the main target is on creating a large perm layer for drying to the outside, that will continue to enable venting when blocking wind washing from the fluffy things.

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